Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring has Sprung!

Well the warm weather has arrived and the flowers are beginning to bloom!
After a long night out on Friday and all day Saturday catching up on my sleep, I decided to meet some friends for a day trip along Ulsan's coast on Sunday.
James picked me up at 10:30am and we met Elenka for our trip along the coast. I must mention quickly that there was an earthquake here in Ulsan Sunday morning. However, since we were driving in the car at the time it struck, none of us noticed anything (to my disappointment). No damage here in the city, however, across the sea in Fukuoka, Japan there was quite a bit of damage from the quake and its over 85 aftershocks.
Ok...back to my story.
We arrived at Ulgi Park and walked through the Pine Forest that led us towards the sea. It was so amazing to see such gigantic trees...some that are more then 100 years old (a long time for Korea's natural landscape.
We arrived at the coastline and were beckoned by an Ajemma to eat some of her fresh catch (check the photos below to see just how fresh I mean..litterally caught in front of our eyes).
Then we walked out to Daewang Rock. This rock formation is said to be the Queen Moonmoo of the Shilla Kingdom who, as legend would have us believe, died and formed a dragon (dragon rock) to defend her country.
The sun was shining and even at the sea, we didn't have to wear our jackets...Oh Glorious Spring!
After our walk along the rocks we drove to Ilsan Beach, ate some noodles for lunch and walked along the sandy shore. Except for the freezing cold water, it almost felt like a summer day. Then we drove to Jujeon Beach where I picked shells and rocks to add to my potted plants at home.I brought my kite but it wasn't as windy as I expected, so we never flew it.
After our day, James dropped me off at my favorite bathhouse where I treated myself to a few hours of soaking in the hot tubs (a perfect end to a perfect day).
Next weekend, I am planning to visit Gyeonju with my coworkers. The cherry blossoms will be blooming there and we plan to rent bikes and cycle to different tombs. Gyeonju was the capital of Korea for thousands of years and has a ton of artifacts and history, not to mention clean air and beautiful cherry blossoms.
Will keep you updated with my travels.


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