Monday, April 25, 2005

Tales from a Twenty something

Well my birthday came and went. I have to admit it kind of scared me to think I was turning 26, but now that I have had a few days (and too many hangovers) I have gained some perspective. I realize that I still have a long time before I will feel old.
My kids at school celebrated by making me cards and giving me too many gifts to count. They are so cute! I got everything from candy and origami paper flowers to a wonderful daytimer that 4 of my students purchased together. My coworkers had a lunch for me on Thursday and we ate cake and too much food.
Friday night I went out to meet Jo. As usual we ended up going to Tombstone ...where to my surprise..Jeff and Andy (the bar owners) got the entire bar to serenade me.
Needless to say my plans for a pedicure and haircut on Saturday were cancelled due to the shortage of sleep on Friday night.
Saturday I met up with my group of Korean teacher friends. They took me for a Chinese dinner, cake and soju (mmmm peach soju this time...yummy!). After dinner, we went to a German bar for some pints of beer and some good conversation.
Later on my friend Matt met me and I joined him and some friends for more drinks down the street, where again the restaurant sang happy birthday to myself and Anne (who was also celebrating her birthday). By this time everyone was feeling like we migrated across town to the Royal Anchor to see my friend Gino's band play. A great end to a great night! I don't hear enough live music in this town.
Thanks to my friends and coworkers for making this past week a fabulous one! It is definitely one of the best birthdays and I will never forget it!
Cheers to being young forever!


At 10:35 p.m. , Blogger garnetrose said...

Happy Birthday Colleen! luv S


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