Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Adventure Continues

After two short weeks in Canada I have returned to Korea.

My Dad is still going through a barrage of tests...each giving us a slightly better idea of what is exactly wrong with him and what treatments may be available. Unfortunately, the news the doctors are giving us isn't that good - but we are hoping that with lots of rest and some alternative treatments we can fight this seemingly impossible battle.
It was great to spend time with my Dad, although I feel disappointed that he is too sick and in pain to truly enjoy the time we spent together - perhaps it's selfish, but I wish I had of spent more time with him before he became ill.
However difficult it was for me to be there and to witness first-hand how cancer has already impacted him both visibly and mentally, I can only imagine how difficult it is for him.
I spent the majority of my time with my Dad and step mom at their home in the country, with a few days spent at my Mom's.
I realized how much I missed Canada - everything is so clean (amazing what Korea can do to one's idea of environmental awareness)
My last night I stayed with my sister in Ottawa and got caught up (briefly) with some friends. It was good to relax and get re-grounded before I returned to Korea.

My goal is to stay positive and supportive (even from a far).

Now that I am back in Korea I am focused on enjoying every moment and living life to the fullest.
I promise to keep you updated on my adventures -


oh...and Thank you to all of those who have sent their wishes for my family - some of whom I have never truly means a lot.


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