Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I thought I would share a few photos of my students - we were very busy the entire month of December preparing for the holidays...so I am backtracking and adding them to my blog now.

This is me and my student Austin - such a cutie!

My student Joon ...being a little silly!

These are some of our seed students...they attend a pre-kinder class each day at my school and I teach some of them once a week....they were just about to perform their Christmas song.
(in Korean of course)

This is my class, Saturn class, performing our Christmas play. We worked really hard for 2 months on this play and they did amazing!!!
The play was about a Santa who had amnesia after falling off a chair while decorating the Christmas tree. Mrs. Claus, a doctor, 4 elves and 5 reindeer sing a variety of songs and dances to help in remember christmas (and his name...which he thinks is Steve). In the end, Santa recalls everything and Christmas is saved.


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