Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Longing for Spring at home and other ramblings

Now that spring has arrived (well...begun...each day is a little bit warmer and I feel that the leaves and flowers will be here very soon) I am a little nostalgic for spring-time in Canada. You know, as the snow melts and the lawn chairs come out. I long for the first day when patio-season opens, everyone gets off work a little early and heads to the pub for a few too many as the sun goes down. Things are a little different and generally a little smellier here in Korea during spring-time. They haven’t yet discovered the full potential of patios, and the smog has already started to creep up as the temperature rises.

But, beyond the smog and the lack of a decent patio for a beer, Korea can be quite lovely in the spring. There are tons of cherry blossoms that bloom each year and when things start to ‘green’ again after the long winter, it feels like a whole new world.

Anyways! Still happy to be in Korea...but I long for a good ‘ol fashioned Canadian spring....and summer...and fall ..ok...you get where this is going.

I guess I am missing home a bit.

I almost forgot to wish happy be-lated St.Patty's day to all my Irish friends...and those 'honorary' Irish (which pretty much means the rest of you).
My St. Patrick's celebrations were a little lame...I had a few drinks at a local pub with my coworkers. There was no Guinness available ...but we managed to make the most of it.
On Saturday, my friend Julie came for a short visit and we spent the day relaxing and shopping (for shoes and books mostly, but still it was nice to do some shopping). Then Saturday night we went into Seoul for some Mexican food (fajita’s and daiquiris!!! shear pleasure) and then a few pints at a pub in Itaewon.
On Sunday I went for a short hike in some mountains (more like hills) near my house.
The weather was cool and sunny - a perfect day for a hike.
I met a Korean man who walked with me for a bit and told me that the trail I was on actually extends for several kilometers (I think it’s about 25 km) towards Seoul. He told me it takes about 8 hours to hike the entire trail and then there is a bus back to Yongin (where the trail begins).
So this weekend I am planning to do the full trail...and this time I will bring my camera!

Ok...off to the gym...there is one thing sure to make a person feel out of shape...and that’s hiking up a mountain and being past by ajjuma’s (Korean old ladies)...never again!! (Helen you know what I’m talking about... ha ha).


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