Tuesday, July 25, 2006

One month to go!!

It seems like it has been forever that I have been talking about 'the end of my contract'. But finally it feels within reach! One month left...horrah!!!
Thailand first...then India...then home for a much much needed visit!!
How am I feeling? all of the above I guess.
There is still plenty to do. Luckily I am on vacation as of Friday - so I will have a week to get my proverbial 'crap' together.

Mostly sorting out visa stuff with the Indian Embassy and starting to pack up my apartment. My friend Helen is driving up from Busan on the 11th to help me move my things to her place. As you know, I will be returning to Korea at the end of this year and plan to make Busan my new stompping ground.
During my vacation I also hope to do a little last minute sight seeing around this neck of the woods...but will likely spend most days sleeping in and sunning on the roof.
I have agreed to cat-sit for my coworker who will be living it up in Thailand for the week -so will likely have many cat photos in the near future....ahhh the wild life I lead.

Tonight we had another work dinner - it will likely be my last one - so here are some photos.
Will blog soon.

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