Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This past weekend I went hiking along one of Seoul's most famous landmarks: Namhansanseong. It's an old fortress wall which stretches almost 10kms southeast of Seoul. It was completed in 1626 and designed to guard Seoul from invaders. Interestingly enough, it was guarded by Buddhist Monks, who were more soldier then pacifist in those days.
The hike up to the south gate was a little tough however the walk along the ridge was very easy and since the weather was very warm and sunny, the pathway was full of Korean families out enjoying the Spring air, dawning the latest fashions (it often just as common to see Korean woman hiking in heels as it is hiking boots) and blasting their little radios (drowning out all sounds of nature is also preferred). But even with the crowds, it was a perfect way to spend my Saturday afternoon.
On Sunday I had the pleasure of joining Tyler in Itaewon to watch Ottawa lose a good game of hockey to Philadelphia. Although Ottawa lost, we had a lot of fun, drank a bit too much beer and ate a few too many bites of Poutine...but it was worth it!

This weekend I will be celebrating my birthday ... unlike previous years, this will likely a quiet affair (must be an age thing) and I am hoping to go hiking again on Saturday and meet some friends for dinner Sunday evening.
Of course it means I will get to open the rest of my birthday gifts from Jon (which I am more then a little excited about). They have been sitting on my shelf for over a week now and (although it's tempting) I haven't peeked once - definitely a sign of maturity , non?

Off to work now... enjoy the photos below - I also threw in a few photos from around my neighborhood (I love the river photo - those yellow flowers are everywhere now!!! Beautiful!)
and a photo from my class trip to the energy center...which was fun and educational...just the way I like it.



At 6:56 a.m. , Blogger michi said...

happy birthday (again), miss! :)



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