Saturday, April 02, 2005

The good news is that it was April Fools...well almost

So...lets just say I am a huge sucker. Hope showed up at Benchwarmers bar at 12:45am this everyone's surprise (well almost..Mandy and Nicole were in on the joke). I am still trying to find the humor.
Additionally, the whole story about Jeff and his wife moving back to Canada was a joke..I feel really dumb. Especially since I wrote a whole blog about it...oh silly me!
unfortunately, Mackenzie's bar is closing for good and apparently the rumors of it becoming a French restaurant are true, as is the fact that my co-worker Julie quit last week.
I have to admit I am more then a little embarrassed but relieved that the face of Ulsan won't be as changed as I thought 24 hours ago.
Anyways, had a good night last night. Went for a huge walk today with my friend Matt along the Taewha River..sunny and warm always makes for a pleasant walk.
Out tonight again...thought I would celebrate the fact that things are almost like they used to be (any excuse eh?)
Chat with you all later.
Love Colleen
(aka: Ulsan's biggest fool)


At 4:43 a.m. , Blogger garnetrose said...

poor Colleen, I wonder how hard they had to work to pull this one over on you, sorry for the sad bits


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