Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Soju festivals, films and the flu (yep....again)

In true Korean style, I finished my Hapkido class last Friday night and made my way to the University (along with some fellow weguks) for the annual soju festival. Truthfully, I am not sure what the festival is actually called, but basically it consisted of hard core drinking and watching lots of Korean students pass out and throw up all over campus. Ahhh good fun!
To give you a better description, the campus was taken over by large white tents, each home to a different department (we found the engineers, who surprisingly were good fun). The students volunteer the entire week to serve food and copious amounts of alcohol to just about anyone willing and able to drink it...and even those who weren't so able. The menu for food was limited, and being that Friday night was the last night of this week long event, it was even more limited. I opted for some hot kimchi and tofu, along with some kimchi jigae (yummy). Unlike the rest of my friends who swallowed liters of soju, dong-dong ju and makali (not sure of the spelling, although I think it is very similar to dong-dong ju), I managed to stick to mekju (beer) and remained relatively intact. Lets just say by 4am when the festival was closing, there were many 'a weguk taking rides in shopping carts full of empty soju bottles (only wish I had my camera to capture the moment). Jo later admitted that a shopping cart full of soju bottles is surprisingly comfortable....but I am sure that holds true for any semi-flat surface when you have consumed too much from the deadly green bottle.
Saturday, Jo and I decided to recover with a movie in a local DVD room. For those of you not 'up on your Korean terminology', a DVD room is a place where you can go and rent private rooms to watch movies (among other things). Imagine a small movie theatre..big screen, and a large bed-like couch. Very comfortable...although questionable about what may have previously gone on in the room before. We rented a Korean film called Old Boy. Extremely disturbing, but well filmed, this movie won many awards and it is clear to see why. For those of you interested, I would recommend trying to find this film....worth the effort it may take to locate it at your local Blockbuster.
After the movie and some cheesy rice, Jo and I met up with some friends to celebrate Christina's birthday. We ate, they drank (I was still too tired from the night before) and then we all went to see my friend Gino's band play at the Royal Anchor. Yes..the wild life of Ulsan!
I didn't make it to rugby on Sunday...was still feeling rundown and I had hurt my knee during Hapkido last week and chose to take it easy (actually it was more like the lazy factor was running on high...just call me relax-o)
However, in retrospect it seems like I may have made good decision. The flu has struck again!
Feeling like crap, I managed to locate my last packet of Neocitron (felt a bit like a heroin addict rummaging through my apartment....gotta question if that stuff is really addictive).
Now medicated I am off to bed to get a full nights sleep and hopefully kick this nasty flu in the butt.
This weekend will be busy..Irene's birthday is Friday which means dinner Friday with the coworkers and likely a nori bang. Saturday I am meeting up with the Korean girls for lunch and maybe a small hike, then Sunday afternoon my adult private students are taking me hiking and out for dinner. Sort of a Korean-packed weekend.
Not to mention the Windsurfing championships are in town this weekend and I want to try to get out to take some photos. Sigh!!!!! Will keep you posted...


At 2:45 a.m. , Blogger Blake said...

I was the guy giving girls rides in the shopping cart full of emtpy soju bottles! Ya!


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