Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Grasshopper anyone?

Tonight my director treated us to a buffet dinner to thank us for our help and compassion during this last week.
Along with my regular coworkers, the Korean staff from our 'Seed School' (pre-kindergarten) came along too. The restaurant was really beautiful and had a huge array of Korean and Japanese dishes. There was everything from raw fish, Shabu-shabu (a Japanese style of cooking meat/seafood and veggies in hot water), to bulgogi and juk (rice porridge).
In addition to the buffet, there were about 4 guys serving us at our table - each preparing different varieties of raw fish and sesame leaves for us to eat.
As usual I tried to keep an open mind and have a taste of everything.
I should regress a little and tell you that there was free draft beer at a self serve station not too far from our maybe my inhibitions were a little lowered.
My coworker Amanda...who might I add, is a big laugh when she isn't drinking, comes back to the table and says “well, I found the grasshoppers...who wants one?"
So I and another coworker thought it sounded like a good dare - maybe it is the result of watching too many re-runs of fear factor, but I figured I would try it.
After unsuccessfully trying to convince a fourth coworker (who is a vegetarian....grasshoppers are almost vegetables right?) the three of us got ready to take a bite of our first insect.
As the Koreans looked on and giggled...(after all, these are the people who grow up eating silk worm larvae) we quickly ate the little 'hoppers and washed them down with a mouthful of beer.
It wasn't as bad as I thought. Crunchy and dry...they were fried perhaps, although I am not sure. Really tasteless, but not without texture.
It was an experience to remember - not necessarily repeat...although I did forget my camera and wish now that I had a picture of us...would have been good for a laugh in the future.
So for now, you can see my googled image of a fried grasshopper. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



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