Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It was perhaps another weekend for the good 'ol memory books.
On Saturday Whitney, Amanda and I went to Bukjeong to watch a foreigner’s game of rugby. Although I have a cold, it had been a while since I had seen a rugby game and also been around so many foreigners, so I decided to trek along.
There was a team that flew in from Beijing to play our team...the Seoul Survivors.
It was a prefect fall day and the beer was flowing during and after the game.
Amanda knew of a girl who plays on the women's team, so we got invited to join them and the boys for an after party in Seoul.
Needless to say everyone had a good time. ...somewhat reminiscent of my Ulsan days.
After a few bars and too many drinks I decided to make the taxi ride back to Yongin. The girls opted to stay in Seoul so I went home solo, only later to realize that I lost my wallet. UGH!
I am not sure how much cash was lost, but the good news is that only my bank card and credit cards were in there too - easily replaced.
However, my poor taxi driver was not so thrilled that I only had 10,000 won to cover a 30,000 fare...sorry Mr. Taxi driver (again).

This week should be pretty busy at work - more Christmas play crap....I have written a play for my class to perform and we have been practicing every day! and we have a big meeting with potential parents where I have to do a little speech....just hope my voice comes back by Thursday...this cold really sucks!

gotta run to class, but enjoy the pics below.


The Seoul Survivors Some of the Rugby chicks

Amanda and me

The view from the bus to Seoul, and Whitney


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