Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Horizontal Holiday

Let’s just say it has been a rough week.
Saturday morning Korea lost against Switzerland (스위스) 2:0.
I didn’t manage to watch the game. As mentioned, it began at 4am local time and I opted to be fast asleep in bed as opposed to being inebriated in a bar somewhere (in retrospect it was a good choice).
So I spent the day going to the gym and then sun tanning on my roof, or shall I say ‘burning to a crisp’ on my roof. It was a nice day and I will be the first to admit I misjudged the power of the sun and the strength of my meager suntan lotion.
Being that my body was a not-so-pleasant shade of red and having the good sense to stay out of the sun, I had planned to visit a museum on Sunday. However, waking up late I chose to relax in bed a little later then usual. When I got out of bed I felt a bit strange...then during my shower, as I bent over to reach the shampoo I knew something was wrong. What the hell?
As it turns out I somehow (in all my relaxing glory of the morning – although more likely it had something to do with my workout on Saturday) managed to pull my back out of its standard place on my body. For the next few hours I laid on my bed in sheer agony.
The next morning I realized I couldn’t make it into work. After a visit from my manager and a Korean coworker (Koreans tend to make bigger deals out of this sort of thing), a few handfuls of muscle relaxers and then a ride from my director’s wife I made it to the acupuncturist. Although it helped a bit I was still somewhat crippled and spent the day horizontal.
Tuesday morning I decided I might just be well enough to get to work, however by the time I arrived I was severely bent over (like someone had hit me with a car) and my manager took me to a different doctor in the same building as our school. As the day before, the doctor spoke absolutely no English and my manager tried her best to translate what he was trying to say. There was some talk about discs and needing an MRI...I attempted to interject, telling them this happened years ago and all I really needed was some strong painkillers and lots of rest...but no one was listening.
My manager asked me if it was ok if the doctor gave me a needle...I asked what it was for...she kind of gave me a smile and said “it’s for the pain’.  I asked where he was going to give me the needle and she said “I think it goes in your back”....hmmm.
But, since I was in a lot of pain, I figured it was going to be quick and likely more helpful then I said ok.
Big mistake.
As it turns out, it wasn’t just 1 needle...but 5 needles into my back. I was in so much pain I could barely speak. With tears in my eyes I asked him to stop what he was one listened to the foreigner.
Just when I thought I couldn’t bare any more the “doctor” (note the quotations) began pushing on my back and then my stomach – saying something about having to move my diaphragm into place. I really have no idea what he was trying to accomplish other then pushing my insides straight through to the other side of my body.
I am sure everyone in the building heard my screams. Vowing never to return to that doctor, I left his office and made my way home to rest.
Today I am feeling better – especially after another visit to the gentle acupuncturist- but will likely be off work till Friday.
My coworkers have been really good...bringing me water and kimbap on demand (thanks Sue) and taking my classes. I on the other hand have been watching far too much TV, reading books and magazines , and as of today – have been practicing my Korean...figured I might as well make good use of my impromptu horizontal holiday.

I promise to be up and running in another day or so – please no worries (Mom...that means you!). After all, I have but 2 short months before my backpacking begins...will have to be in top shape for the trip!!

Will blog soon.


At 9:55 p.m. , Blogger michi said...

ouch! hope you're completely alright soon! :)


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