Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hot and Colds

I have been a little off the radar (for an all-too boring reason) over the last week.
I am still sick with some cold/flu thing ...I blame a little kid at school who sneezed on me last week. Finally went to the doctor yesterday for some medicine...and feeling a bit better today.

Last Friday I went out with some friends (didn’t help the cold...ahhh ...so Korean rice wine DOESN’T double as cold medicine...my mistake). There are some photos below – basically the night started with me going to meet my friend Jon to talk about Thailand (he went last year and I am looking for advise on what to see/where to stay etc). We later met up with some of my coworkers for more drinks and then ended the night outside of a GS-25 (convenience store... open 24 hours and has tables outside at which many-a-drunk completes his/her night).

But since then I have been basically in bed or at school (passing my germy-germs around to the kiddies...circle of life) and feeling like crap.
Being that the weather is so damn hot and getting humid – I have found little reason to go outside, except to buy water or the occasional bowl of chamchi-jigae. But I have renewed my love for air conditioning....to hell with saving electricity. Maybe when I am healthy and not breaking into a fevered-induced sweat every 10 minutes I can re-evaluate my environmental ethics...but for now - bring on the AC!!

Today is another national holiday (second one in 2 weeks) so I am home trying to fully recuperate before returning to work tomorrow.
Enjoy the photos – hope to have more interesting news next time I blog.


At 4:13 p.m. , Blogger michi said...

ahhh poor you! get well soon!
i was down with the flu too - temperature went up to 100F though, ugh, so no way of doing anything. better today, but not working. i hope they find someone to stand in for me tomorrow too, i want to make sure i am over this before i go back.

are you sure AC is actually good for you when you are ill? i think it makes people ill. hm.

anyhow, sending get better vibes your way,


At 8:55 a.m. , Blogger the liberal samurai said...

Last time I was in Korea my hosts reccomended I take some Soju to help me get over my cold... Though they reccomended Soju with everything. The pics in your blog are awesome!


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