Saturday, May 27, 2006

An evening in Dongdaemun

Here are just a few photos of our evening in Dongdaemun last night.
We didn't arrive until after 10pm - but this shopping district is open almost 24 hours a day...gotta love the Koreans and their shopping habits.
Not only are there several huge complexes full of shoes,bags,clothes and just about anything you could ever want - there is also a large outside market with just about everything (and lower prices).
We spent a few hours ogling Korean fashion...sometimes ridiculous, sometimes very hip (do people still use that word?)...ALWAYS very trendy!
We were all a little giddy...trying on funny hats, pointing out some atrocious "bling" accessories and even taking turns posing Sue and Justin's stuffed moose for photos opps.
(See below)
Justin suggested that these shopping centers pump oxygen in to make shoppers feel happier and more awake...whatever was in the air -we were all feeling very giddy (my apologies to BoNa if we embarrassed you in any way...silly Waegooks! )
After shopping we met up with BoNa's husband Sam, and went out to the market for a bite to eat and a few drinks.
One of the best snacks you can eat is Dubu Kimchi (hot Kimchi and tofu). It is very delicious! Sue and Justin are still pretty new here in Korea and sometimes have difficulty using the metal chopsticks. Fair enough - they are flat and metal...not the best design for picking up food and they do take a long while to get used to.
Sam made a feeble attempt to help Sue correct her 'chopstick form' and we all had a good laugh when Justin dropped some Kimchi into his Makali (Korean rice wine).
- But no worries time I reached over to get a piece of pajeon and dropped it into my bosses soup happens to even the best of us.
Post snack we walked around the street market for a bit - I bought a couple t-shirts - and then we made our way back home.
When we finished shopping it was after 1:00am and the streets were still packed with shoppers...ahh the addiction!
Enjoy the pics and will update you soon.

Sue and BoNa check out some of the clothes in one of the many shopping complexes at Dongdaemun. Posted by Picasa


At 9:31 a.m. , Blogger the get up kid said...

i don't quite know you, but know 'of' you. anyway, randomly stumbled across your blog. i've been home from ulsan since october, and it's good to hear the place is still a blast! it's such a drag trying to find good galbi in toronto. cheers!


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