Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summer (and by 'summer' I mean sticky rainy day) Festival and more

My school held its annual Summer Festival this past Thursday. For the last month my students have been practicing every day (ice cream is a great bribery tool) to make sure they were prepared for the event.
All of the classes participated in the festival, singing songs and reciting stories or poems.
My class (Uranus class) performed the song ‘I met a bear” and re-told the story ‘One Duck Stuck” – a cute little story about a duck who gets his foot stuck in a swampy marsh and is helped out by a variety of woodland animals i.e. “2 fish, 3 moose, 4 crickets, 5 skunks, 6 frogs, 7 snails, 8 possums, 9 snakes and 10 dragonflies”. Of course it isn’t until everyone works together that they are able to pull the duck to safety.
The performance went pretty well; and by pretty well I mean I only had to yell at one of my students to stop jumping and flailing his arms during the performance.
Let’s just say, Colleen teacher was less then impressed – maybe you can catch a glimpse of the scowl on my face from the photos below.
No seriously, they all did very well and everyone had a good time.
We were supposed to have a water day at my school on Friday, but since it has been raining for the last 500 years we cancelled the program.
Instead, we played indoor games and watched a movie (although my idea was to stick the kiddies out in the rain anyways...hey people, water is water non?)

With the week finally over it means I am officially on vacation for the next 9 days. My coworkers are all off to Thailand, China and Japan – but since I have but 3 weeks until I depart Korea, there is plenty of things to keep my here (the least of which is to begin packing up my apartment...when did I get so much crap?).
I am very excited to hear all their stories...especially those of Thailand, although there is a part of me who is sad to stay in rainy, sticky, smelly Korea for the week.
Nonetheless I will be traveling soon enough.

So the plan for the week is to finally begin sorting and packing (I always said I work best under pressure). I need to get my visa organized for India and pick up a few essential items (i.e. bug repellant, a new memory stick for my camera etc.) along with sending another box of crap (yep...right now it all feels like crap) home to Canada.
I am also cat-sitting for my coworker Whitney, so in-between packing and sorting I will run over to her apartment and play with the kitty. However, he isn’t very friendly (let’s just say he’s more of a fighter then a lover).
I also have some plans to meet up with a friend in Seoul for some beverages at some point in the week. So there will be a little bit of fun.

Will update you on the packing (and likely a few kitty photos) as the week goes on.
Miss you all and love you


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