Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Comings and goings

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Sorry to everyone for being such a slack about updating my blog...but I am sure you understand.
Since I am now computer-less, I find myself back at my local 'PC bang' to compose my last entry before I take my much-needed trip....ahh the perfect ending to my last year in Korea non?
Most of what you are going to read centers around drinking, packing and drinking some more...all of which are crucial elements to leaving Korea ( or anywhere for that matter) I apologize for the second time if it tends to ramble on.
My mate Helen came up a few weeks ago to help me move. We pretty much spent most of the weekend eating, drinking and the rest of the remaining hours driving to Busan to dump my belongings at her apartment. I was literally there for 20 minutes (just enough time to catch a whiff of the ocean air, lift everything into her apartment and say good bye) before I had to jump on a bus back to Seoul.
Thanks again for Helen for the help.
My apartment is now empty, except for the backpack that I am taking with me and a few odds and ends I have left for Kathryn (yes..the wine glasses are yours :)
Kathryn arrived last Saturday night. My manager Scully and I went to the airport to meet her. We arrived at my apartment, had some dinner and went to meet some friends for the last 'slum-run' of the season. It pretty much consisted of us drinking outside of no-less then 6 different GS-25 convenience stores until the sun came up on Sunday morning. Good times.
Considering I had been out to almost 5 am the night before, I was impressed with my resilience...not 19 anymore - but I can still drink with the best of 'em.
We managed to make some new 'friends' and as you will see by the photos below, it was a good time for all.
Kathryn held her own too- considering she had just got off a trans-pacific flight a few hours earlier - and managed to stay awake for the entire night (initiation successful!!)
Now I have just 2 days left before I head to Thailand.
My plan is to arrive into Bangkok on Saturday, head up to Chiang Mai on an overnight train Sunday for a few days and then make my way over to a beautiful island, Ko Chang, for some beaching, hiking and other R &R necessities.
It's going to be a sad few days - already had a few teary moments with my students and coworkers...but it feels good to be leaving Korea on a good note this time.
More good times to stay tuned.
As mentioned, I will be updating weekly and will have a link to my photos on this page.
For those of you at home - I will see you in 3 months - whoohoo! and for those of you I am leaving in Korea - thanks for an awesome year (you know who you are).
Next stop: Thailand!!



At 10:39 p.m. , Blogger twoofus said...

This is so sad and I hate you for it.

Though the part about heading to the beach made me cheer up a little. But only a little.


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