Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hockey Night in Canada...but in Korea and it was Sunday afternoon

It's been a while, but last Sunday a few of my fellow Canuks joined me in Itaewon for a few good games of hockey and (as usual) beer.

The day started at 10:30am with a bus ride into Seoul where we promptly made it to the pub for 11:30 - which in Korea is almost unheard of as an hour to serve beer - unless you are still drinking from the night before.
Perhaps we weaguks are a bit out of practice when it comes to our national past time, because no one seemed interested in the 3 games that we watched, opting instead for good conversation , a few games of trivial pursuit, poutine and beer.

Since there is no escaping immune-compromising Korea....I have come down with the first cold of the season....so I wasn't in the best form for Sunday's game-day. But after a few Tylenol cold tablets, a short nap in the bar and a few pints of beer, I had been revived.
Unfortunately, as of Monday morning my cold/flu was in full swing and resulted in me literally dragging my sorry self into work.

I am still waiting for my health insurance card, but might have to bite the bullet this morning and go to the doctor today - feels like someone is slicing away at my throat with a cheese grater....I know - nice image eh?
It looks like a day for word searches and quiet book work for the kiddies.

In other news, I am heading south to Busan for the weekend to visit Helen and see a few spots in the 'ol stomping grounds.
It's Lunar New Year, which means I get 3 whole days off work and it's time to get outta town for a couple of days.

I will keep you posted. Enjoy the hockey pics below

Jill and Tyler get ready for the game

Gina didn't seem to mind that Sue was wearing her Toronto jersey...but the rest of us did.

Justin and Erika smile for the camera.

Thanks to the BC crowd for coming out and to Amanda, who despite possible head trauma still managed to show up (twice)...or maybe that's a result of possible head trauma?


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