Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's been a few weeks since I last posted something - sorry for the delay.
My only real excuse (besides being just too lazy) is that I have been sick for the past 2 weeks with a cold. I am finally starting to get better and hope to be outside this weekend soaking in the Spring sunshine (yep - Spring has arrived!!)

I was in Busan a couple of weeks ago visiting my friend Helen. It was great to be back south again and, although I only stayed for 1 night, we had a lot of fun. It was your typical Busan evening - complete with hours of drinking followed by a morning of regret for drinking so much the night before.

Work has been pretty busy, as we geared up for our Kindergarten graduation and began to say our good byes to a few of our coworkers who have finished their contracts.
Yesterday, we finally had the graduation ceremony and although it was a little sad to say good bye to students (and coworkers) we are looking forward to the new semester.

On March 5th I will start teaching my new class of 7 year olds. There are 7 of them, and they have already been studying English for at least a year (or more).
Until then I will be spending the rest of my week preparing my classroom and lessons for the new semester. Also, tomorrow is another holiday in Korea - which means a day off work!!
So I am sure I will have plenty of new stories to tell over the next few weeks

My social life has been a bit dull over the past few weeks - as a result of my cold - and trying to be good with my money. Hopefully, now that Spring has arrived things will start to improve.
There is talk tonight of an Oscar party - if we can download it in-time. It should be a fun evening (especially since we have tomorrow off work).

I am already looking forward to the summer. Jon and I have begun planning our vacation to the Philippines in July. It will mean another chance to see each other and a chance to explore a new country together. There is a lot to look forward to.

Below are some photos from graduation, and I will try to add a few from around town and a couple photos from my trip to Busan later.

Saturn class reciting our poem "Kindergarten"

Uranus class looking very enthusiastic while singing "It's a Small world"

Neptune Class did a great job singing 'Puff the Magic Dragon"

Jupiter Class getting into "Octopus's Garden"
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