Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spring is in the air

Yep, I officially suck at keeping my blog up to date.

First of all, I am feeling better - my cold has almost completely gone away and besides being a bit tired from the weekend, I am feeling better then ever!

OK - on with my update...

Spring has arrived!!
I have been saying it for weeks - but it is true. I have worn flip flops for a week now and my toes have never been happier.
But it's more then just the warm air on my toes that tells me it's spring: the ajjumas have begun sporting their sun-visors, young girls are wearing long socks and mini skirts, umbrellas are everywhere (not for the rain - but for the sun), the yellow dust has come and gone (rendering all the kiddies to play inside for a week), the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the stinky smell of sewer has begun to fill the streets ....which I affectionately call the 'summer smell' ...more like bum smell , but you get the idea.
Spring in Korea is a contrast of beautiful, strange and at times...stinky.
But it is one of my favorite seasons in this country.

Jon arrived last Friday for Easter weekend...yep, just the weekend. He arrived Friday and flew back to England on Monday! It was all very romantic and special. I feel so lucky that we got the chance to see each other, even if it was for such a short time.
Two and a half months was incredibly long and we both agreed that we just couldn't wait any longer to see each other, hence the weekend visit.

He arrived with a bag of gifts for me (my birthday is in 2 weeks - mark your calendars!!) and a few goodies for my coworkers: magazines, newspapers and music.
It isn't often that we get visitors and even less often that we get repeat visitors - so seeing Jon twice in a few months is a big deal for my coworkers as well as me.
Also, getting anything from the 'real world' is a huge treat and the goodies were quickly nabbed by the 'vultures'.

Since we only had a couple days, Jon and I decided to have a low key weekend. Jon came to school with me on Friday to help my class celebrate our Easter party. Then, Saturday we spent the afternoon at the cherry blossom festival in Youido Park and then took the cable car up to Seoul Tower before we headed to Itaewon for an evening of Thai food and cocktails.
We spent Sunday morning watching old episodes of Fawlty Towers, and Sunday afternoon we chilled out with a movie (well half a movie - we watched 300 and left half way since it was so terrible) and then went for some Indian food.
It was a lot of fun, but far too short.
Thankfully, Jon is returning in 4 weeks for another (much longer) visit.
Needless to say 'we' are doing very well.
I can't wait for all of you at home to meet this wonderful man who has turned my life upside down.
I am sure you will love him as much as I do!
... sigh..

Anyways, since Korea has finally warmed up and the yellow dust has finally settled -
I am hoping to finally dust off the hiking boots this weekend and get up a mountain. It's been far too long and I have been far to lethargic over the last month.
Especially since this will be my last Spring in Korea, I am feeling the need to make the most of it.

Off to bed now...but before I go I want to wish Kelly a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Today she turns 30 and I am so sad to not be home to help her celebrate. I know you are going to have a fabulous day!! I can't wait to hear all about it.



At 5:53 a.m. , Blogger Shannon said...

You're brave! *waits for Kel to snap because you blogged her age*

I'm very happy for you (and Jon)...though you do kind of make me puke. LOL.

At 2:52 a.m. , Blogger elainejeffvalerie said...

Shannon said everything I was going to... :)



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