Sunday, September 11, 2005

Where's my wagon?

This week was a little less Julie Andrews, however, nothing to be ashamed of (at least that I remember).
Lets just say I 'hung my legs off the wagon' and almost fell off (as oppose to completely falling off) but have reaffirmed my desire not to drink in excess. Especially since I suffered one of the worst hangovers this past weekend. Is it true that if we don't use our ability to hold our liquor we lose it?
Anyways, my week itself was pretty standard. I got to know my new coworkers a little better and have been inspired to pursue a head teacher position that is opening up at the end of October. It would mean a little bit more responsibility and some extra cash in my pocket each month. But mostly I am inspired to have some say in curriculum and activities for the kids. I have been having dreams of starting an environmental esl program in my school/community and think this just might be a good place to put my ideas into action.
I also found out my vacation for the winter is from December 24th until January 1st - so I'm planning a trip to somewhere warm (Vietnam, Thailand or Bali) for the holidays. My long-time friend Mickey (a Belgian/Aussie-gal) has agreed to rendezvous with me. Which means that we'll have a chance to catch up properly after almost 6 years and I'll not have to spend the holidays in Korea eating Kimchi and drinking soju.
But the holidays are a while yet, so I'm trying to focus on the 'now' and not plan too far ahead.
I have some mates that will likely come up to visit next weekend. It's Chu-sok (Korean Thanksgiving-ish holiday) and a long weekend.
I might visit some temples in Seoul and some markets ...which will likely be quieter since most Koreans will be at home.
I added some photos below of my school's field trip to a fire station this past Friday. It was good fun, the kids had a blast and I'm not ashamed to admit that I did too.
Talk to you all soon.


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