Monday, August 29, 2005

Now that a few days have past and the jetlag is residing, it's time to update my little readers.
My weekend was pretty low key. I met two of my coworkers Saturday night for a potluck and a few drinks at one of their friends' apartments. Casual and good for mingling...apparently all of them were out at 'Club night' in Seoul the night before and battling massive hangovers. For those of you unaware, "Club night" is a monthly event where you can buy a pass into a select number of clubs for the all night party. Sounds like a good time - maybe next month.
Anyways, Saturday night was therefore pretty low key. Sunday, I went for a run along the river...I have been told that if you run far enough you'll reach Seoul ...kind of reminded me of the story 'if you dig far enough you'll reach China'...good times.
The trail is really pretty...once you get far enough out and past the high-rises, there are mountains and the river doesn't smell so rank ...ahhh Korea. Later in the day I met my coworker Heather and some of her friends for dinner. Note: Things here appear to be much more Western-ish then down south. Example...I actually saw Dr.Pepper for sale at a restaurant, and someone had real cheesecake at the potluck. I guess living just outside of Seoul does have its perks.
Today was my first day at school. All and all it was good. My students appear to be good and their English for the most part is as expected. Except for my kindergarten class who have amazing English for their age...I teach them from 10am until 2:30 with an 80 minute lunch... It's a a lot more intense then I originally understood. It's like an English immersion program for them ...including math, science, writing/reading comprehension, music, library and of course playtime (all of which I teach)...which is a hell of a lot more then I think I ever learnt in Kindergarten. Anyways, it makes for an interesting day. My other classes are standard and a lot less tiring.
Not much else to report - no photos yet ...I'm a slacker with my camera these days (sorry).
My mate Joanne might be coming up Thursday before she jets off to China. Should be good to catch up properly on the Ulsan gossip. Will keep you posted.



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