Saturday, October 08, 2005

Another update from Kimchi land

Again I must apologize for the time between entries - not having a computer in my apartment has made writing a little more of a chore then I wished it to be. It's not the writing so much, as having to get my sorry a$$ over to the PC room. A PC room is an entity by itself. Full of pre adolescent Korean boys who spend countless hours playing mindless computer games with the volume so loud that they must yell to the person next to them. Has this country never heard of head phones? Thankfully, I have decided to go shopping next weekend for a computer of my own - so in the near future I will be blogging in the comfort of home once again. on with the update.
Things here are pretty much just as they have been - quiet but good.
I spent most of this week trying to battle my first cold to no avail. Since most of my children have colds and they seem to endlessly pick their little noses, I am not surprised that I managed to catch something.
On Thursday my school hiked up a near by mountain. It was beautiful, despite how sick I was feeling, and my students all managed to get up and down the mountain with only a little help from me and without any major injuries (with the exception of one boy who fell down in the parking lot after the hike finished...go figure!).
It was nice to get outside with my kids, show them a little bit of nature and get a break from teaching at the same time.
Last weekend I traveled down to Ulsan to visit with some friends, collect some of my things that I had left there back in July and enjoy a long weekend away from my apartment.
My good mate Helen let me crash at her apartment, despite already having a house guest and two cats (thanks was cramped but cozy!).
We drank a little and watched some movies. I got my hair cut and caught up with some old friends. Being that it was a long weekend, most people were out of town, however, it was still a great trip. Next time I go down, I'll try to see more of whoever's still down there.
Little had changed in Ulsan since I was last there, and I must admit I had a little moment when I went into Benchwarmers (my old bar)....think 'Cheers theme song" and you've got the moment I'm talking about. Ahhhh just like the good 'ol daze.
Anyways, we had some good laughs and I even got to watch some of Troy's tv shows ( he is the star of a local reality where he lives and works with different Korean people to get an idea of their culture....very funny even though it's all in Korean ).
This weekend I am staying in and getting over my cold.
I know it's a holiday back home and I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!! I will be thinking of you all.
Have fun eating the turkey!


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