Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rainy daze in Yongin

It has been over a week since I last updated you.
My work has been busy. I have changed Kindergartens classes and now teach 10 little monsters each morning. Actually they are all quite good most of the time, with the exception of one or two each day who seem to annoy me senseless (the individuals seem to rotate on a 'bug your teacher' schedule that is unknown to me) . Overall, it means a little more work, but a lot more fun.
Besides this change, everything else seems to be the same.
I am still trying to get out running , but the bad weather the last few days has kept me inside (ie: cold and rainy...brrrrrrr). I thought the river in my neigborhood would actually burst its banks the other day!

Thankfully we were spared...this time.
I had a good weekend last week. My mate Helen came up for a visit since it was a holiday here.
Friday night we met up with my coworkers for a goodbye party for Heather who is (as I write this ) lying on a beach in Thailand. Since it was Chu ' Suk (Korean Thanksgiving type holiday) there was plenty to celebrate and thanks to our director a lot of red wine to celebrate with.

On Saturday afternoon (after plenty of sleep and water), we went to Seoul to do some shopping and such. As things go we ended up having a few pints in Itaewon (the preferred foreigner district of Seoul) and did very little shopping. I did manage to buy some sandals and a new bag. Helen and I were both regretting the wine from Friday night and Helen had to meet a friend at the airport Sunday morning at we decided to go back to Yongin for an early night.
Then on Monday we went to a palace called Gyeonbokgung. Sorry for the lack of photos...the computer at work is crap and I can't download any photos...and I'm too broke to spend cash at a PC room right now you'll have to wait!
It was raining most of the day, so we were wet and tired by the end of the tour, but the palace was beautiful and well worth the 3000 won entry fee.
Anyways, it was fun to see Helen and to meet her friend Katherine...we even ran into a couple of other Ulsan-ites (Guy and Hazel) while in Itaewon. I got to catch up on the local gossip and found out I missed a typhoon a few weeks ago in Ulsan - sounded like quite an experience (flooded streets, closed schools and air raid sirens....maybe next time).
No real plans for the next few weeks.
I will try to get my photos downloaded soon.
Chat soon


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