Sunday, January 15, 2006

A little bit of Seoul

Friday night Javier, Whitney, Amanda, Katherine and I decided to go for galbi (Korean bbq) to celebrate Javier’s last weekend in Korea.
We ended up drinking with the owner of the restaurant, Cho (who is now our good friend...he invited us to his wedding). He is a pretty funny guy, and his English is very good. I have vague memories of meeting his mother, who dropped by the restaurant (no doubt to check on her son, who was surrounded by drunk female foreigners).  Looking through my pictures there was one where Cho had taken off his shirt...things were obviously getting pretty hot.

Apparently in my drunken state I agreed to go with my friends Salsa dancing Saturday night, so shortly after 8:00pm, Whitney and I caught a ride into Seoul to meet up with the gang. Being that Javier is from El Salvador, he loves to dance Salsa and was more then willing to give us a few lessons.
The salsa club was a little intimidating but after a while, the groove kind of gets to you (although to be honest a few shots did wonders too). By the end of the night we were all vowing to sign up for Salsa classes next week – hmmm, we’ll see about that one.  After the salsa club, we met up with my old coworker Jon for some more dancing a couple of other clubs.  Needless to say, today I didn’t do very much. I bought a new pair of running shoes since I am re-joining the gym this week (finally going to act on that New Year’s resolution)
Off to bed now, enjoy some of the photos from Friday night.


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