Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Koreans, Canadians and cocktails

Here are just a few photos from a dinner party I went to on the weekend.It was hosted by my coworker Bona and her husband Sam.
We ate; we drank and had a fabulous time (but a not-so-fabulous-morning-after).
One of Bona's friends, Julie, just came back from Canada and brought with her some ice wine...needless to say it was very well received.
Although I am not sure the Koreans entirely understood the etiquette of drinking ice wine, considering they served it in shot glasses and each time my glass was filled Bona yelled "Colleen...One Shot!!"

However...when in Rome...or I mean Korea....you get the point.

Bona and Sam were very welcoming and made sure that everyone was well taken care of.
Sue and Justin are vegan/vegetarian (respectively) and often have a hard time getting people to understand the concept- but Bona did just fine and there were a ton of veggie dishes and delicious tofu/rice dishes to feed even the pickiest of vegans (Sue that means you ..hee hee).
I of course eat just about anything - so never a problem.

Anyways, it was a fun night and hopefully not the last.

This week I am busy giving tests to all my junior classes - which really isn't too bad considering I am only teaching 4 classes this semester (ahh the joys of being head teacher).
Still trying to get to the gym most days. Although to be honest I haven't been since Thursday. Today was very stormy - remains of the typhoon that hit Vietnam and the Phillipines - so it felt like a good night to stay inside and relax.
But seeing as how Thailand is but 3 months away - I will be sure to get to the gym in the morning.

Right now I am off to bed.
Enjoy the photos below!!!

Ciao Colleen


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