Sunday, June 11, 2006

I'm on the bandwagon....Go Reds!!

Things are starting to get a little serious here in Korea....and by 'things' I mean the World Cup fever that has gripped the country.
Everywhere I look people are in t-shirts, red hats...I even saw a dog wearing a 'Go Reds' doggy-shirt.
The streets are practically lined with giant TV sets....that's right...outside convenience stores, in shopping centers and even outside of a chicken restaurant near my house. Koreans are literally glued to their TV sets. Everyone is anticipating the big game.

This coming Tuesday Korea plays its first game in the World Cup against Togo.
I am by no means a soccer fan....I know next to nothing about the game. But being that just about every Korean (and Weaguk living in Korea) will be in front of a television to watch the match, I plan to head into Seoul with some friends to watch the game on a bar in Appujung.

I have just bought my first soccer jersey to wear (yep...the red shirt is mandatory).
The game starts at 10pm and will likely end in a few million drunk Koreans (and Weaguks) stumbling home in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.
The bad news is that I have parent-teacher interviews Wednesday having a hangover is not really an option for me.
But I plan to take lots of photos and hopefully have a few good (semi-sober) stories to tell.

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