Monday, August 28, 2006

Traveling in Thailand (finally)

Just a short update to let everyone know I arrived (no thanks to the drunkards I left behind in Korea who dragged me and my backpack out of my apartment at 1am on my last night for one last night of Korean-style know who you are).
Thailand is amazing. I spent the first 24 hours in Bangkok ...seeing the sites on Khaosan Road, Wat Pho and visited a weekend market to do a little shopping.
Then I caught a train last night to Chiang Mai. The train was a slow and bumpy 14 hours overnight and I arrived at around 10am this morning.
I am staying at a very funky little guesthouse called Julie's Guesthouse and have a gorgeous private room in an old teak house. Having already put the futon to some good use this morning, I am off to wander the city a little and see what there is to offer.
I promise to update photos in a few days before I head down south to Ko Chang. Right now I am loving the cool northern air and the laid back style of everyone I am meeting....why did it take me so long to get here? hmmm.


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