Saturday, September 09, 2006

Everything is beachy!!

I arrived in Ko Chang late yesterday afternoon. It took almost 23 hours for my entire journey from Chiang Mai. The bus I took left Chiang Mai at almost 6:30pm and although it was called a VIP bus, there was nothing VIP about it. The airconditioning didn't work most of the 12 hours to Bangkok...normally I wouldn't care, except this bus was designed so the windows couldn't open. With over 80 people crammed onto the bus - all of whom seemed like they were 19 and on spring break (you get the idea) things started to get a little hot and annoying. To the defense of our bus driver, who stopped several times in vain to attempt to find a mechanic, he tried his best. Eventually they found someone around 3:30am to fix the bus and we were off again. I managed to sleep a little and awoke in Bangkok. It was almost 7am at this point and the city was already wide awake and steamy with pollution. It only made me feel more desperate to get out as quickly as possible.
My next bus was scheduled to depart at 8am , but as things go - it didn't leave Bangkok till well after 10am. Thankfully this bus was loaded down with rich Thai's heading to Ko Chang for vacation and the air conditioner worked very well and the rest of my journey was less eventful.
I arrived onto the island and made my way to a small beach at the southern part of the west coast. The beach is called Lonely Beach, but is far from lonely. However, it is less touristy and after just one day it feels like Paradise!!
I am staying at a funky guesthouse called The Treehouse which has bamboo huts located right on the beach. My bamboo hut is about as close as you can get - it is actually on stilts hanging just at the waters edge during low tide and above the water in high tide. Amazing and very cheap!!
The huts are simple, and the showers consists of basins of water that you pour over yourself but I am not is rustic in the way that makes me giggle inside (this morning I showered with a tree frog and I liked it).
There is an amazing restaurant that is built on stilts over the water and has amazing views at sunset (as does my own hut). The food is pretty cheap and very very tasty - I had my first Greek Salad in 2 years ...yummy feta!
Today I took a little walk around and then found a small sandy beach just to the right of my guesthouse. There I remained for just over 6 hours; reading, sleeping , swimming in the ocean and getting far too much sun - but it was great!
I have just over 2 weeks left in Thailand and I think (as of right now) I am going to stay on Ko Chang for the entire 2 weeks. It is exactly what I want right now.
Anyways, I have tried to upload some photos -but it is taking forever - so it will have to wait.
Love you all and miss you


At 9:15 a.m. , Blogger michi said...

enjoy your weeks on the beach - and the occasional visit from the tree frog. ;)


At 3:06 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome! Can't believe you only have 2 weeks left! Seems so little time since you left! Have a great rest of the time there! Hels x


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