Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sunday in Insadong

On Sunday morning, after breakfast in the park, Jon and I walked around the Lotus Lantern festival in Insadong. It was a beautiful day and the lanterns were everywhere. Although I had been to this festival last year, this was Jon's first time to see the festival which made it even more exciting for me. There were many performances, demonstrations and various stands set up displaying everything from Buddhist artwork to food (yummy vegan food of course). It is one of the few festivals in korea I have been to that really includes the International community. Buddhists from all over the world help to celebrate this festival and there are many opportunities for foreigners to volunteer and to take part in lantern making activities and other crafts. Jon and I didn't make our own lanterns, but got a couple from some Monks (for a small donation of course).

Here is a photo that Jon took of some buddhist nuns praying. I love the hats!

The lanterns were so beautiful. It really is worth going just to see all the colors!
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