Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Here are the rest of the photos from Sunday.
I spent the afternoon at Jinha beach watching the intentional Windsurfing Championships. Not quite the event I thought it would be, but still a fun day.
After the beach, I met with some of my adult students for dinner. It was good to meet with them outside of the classroom and enjoy some tasty bbq along with (yes..a little too much) wine and traditional Korean drinks.
Later in the evening I met up with some friends at Tombstone for a few pints...good fun as always.
I am still sick and have been trying to rest the last few days...this cold is taking its toll on my body.
Anyways, gotta get to class. I hope you enjoy the photos below:

Rice patty field...on the way to Jinha beach Posted by Hello

Ulsan's International Windsurfing Championships at Jinha Beach Posted by Hello

Loving the great weather and views at Jinha Posted by Hello

Some windsurfers at Jinha beach Posted by Hello

Parasailer at Jinha beach Posted by Hello

Dinner with my students (L-R: John, Mr.Park, Chris's wife and daughter, Ross, Chris, William and James). We ate dinner on Chris's rooftop garden. Posted by Hello

Some of Chris's bonsai trees Posted by Hello

Beautiful Bonsai trees Posted by Hello

Nathan, Helen, Evan and Christina.  Posted by Hello

Evan and Christina at Tombstone Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 29, 2005

My original plans to go Hiking Saturday and Sunday had been cancelled earlier in the week, so
this weekend, began not unlike others...with a few bottles of soju and some good gogi.
Friday was my coworker Irene's birthday, so we agreed to meet after work for some dinner and drinks. Carrie suggested a little restaurant close to our work...very small and the Ajumma was very funny when she met me. Carrie told me that I was one of her first Foreigner customers...she was funny...wanting to make sure I liked everything and hovering around our table. Andy showed up fashionably late and we drank some more soju and ordered some more meat. My coworkers have been making an appreciated effort lately to speak more English around me...which means I was not bored during dinner. Being the first dinner we have had together in a long time, it was good to catch up with the girls and Andy on a more sociable level.
After dinner, I met Joanne in Tombstone for a few pints. Her friend Neil had arrived Friday afternoon from the Uk. He is here for 2 weeks to visit and tour Korea. Needless to say, since it was his first night in Korea, we had to show him a good time.
Let me regress just a minute....this past Wednesday I was at Hapkido and the Grand Master told me he wanted me to do my test for my green belt on Saturday (whaaaat???I just started Hapkdio a few weeks ago?). However as it apparently goes in Korea, they prefer to give the foreigners more for their money and seeing that the next test isn't until the end of August, he wanted me to do this test now.
So, back to Friday nights events....Being that I had my test the next afternoon I chose to cut my evening short (and by short I mean I came home at 3am...Probably the earliest I have left a bar in a long time).
Woke up Saturday morning with a headache and a terrible cold (the flu went away a few days ago, and apparently has been replaced by the sore throat from hell). After a shower and a few energy drinks (thank you to the makers of 'confidence'...I love you) I was feeling ready for my test.
The testing began at 2pm and to my surprise there was a million children doing their test too. Ahhhh how pleasant to have to do my test with a group of 7 year olds....may I mention who are all much better at Hapkido then I am.
It took several hours for all the testing to be completed, but everyone did well.
I got my green belt, but may have to wait a few months to actually get the belt. Some bizarre rule that you have to be practicing 3 months before you get your next belt...even though I have passed the test.
After the testing a group of us went for some korean food and later finished the day at a new Japanese bar that just opened.
Last night I stayed in...wiped from my day of Hapkido and Friday nights festivities.
Today I am off to Jinha beach to watch the Korean National Windsurfing Championships and then later tonight I am meeting my privates for dinner. Will blog later about today's events!

Irene's birthday : Mr. Lee (my director), Ann, Irene and Carrie.  Posted by Hello

Irene's birthday dinner. (Carrie, Ann, Myself, Irene, and Irene's friend) Posted by Hello

Joanne...poster girl for Tombstone bar (shot anyone?) Posted by Hello

Helen and Neil (he arrived at 3pm this day...so we showed him a typical first night in Ulsan) Posted by Hello

Me chatting on my phone (Hey Chistina...you were on the other end of that phone...I told you you were in the picture!) Posted by Hello

Me preparing to do some kicks Posted by Hello

Joanne and me. We both completed our test for our green belts! Posted by Hello

Barry showing off his incredible kicks! Assa! Posted by Hello

A really cool Hapkido move.  Posted by Hello

Jen 'taking Barry down'. Go Jen! Posted by Hello

Jen and Barry (two fellow Canadians and both have their black belts) Posted by Hello

SanGu doing some Black Belt moves Posted by Hello

Zion and Rory (my Hapkido friend's children). They both speak Korean fluently...amazing to see and hear. Posted by Hello

View of Mugeodong street, Ulsan Posted by Hello

View of Mugeodong street, Ulsan Posted by Hello