Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy Lunar New Year!!! (a quickie update)

So I have joined the gym...over a week ago ...and have been working (or shall I say working out) again. My gym is quite big and offers the basic weight and cardio equipment found most places. It also offers Yoga, Pilates and an incredibly difficult dance aerobic class (which is somewhat reminiscent of a dance video) each day.
I have been going to Yoga each night, which for me at least, is a pretty new experience. Once upon a my running days...I had done Bikrim Yoga, but this is a little different. It isn't too difficult, but I am realizing that my flexibility and balance aren't quite up to par. All the more reason to go each night.
I guess the goal for me is to get back into running regularly ...even if it's on a treadmill, and get my oversized rear down to a presentable size.
Anyways, there isn't too much else to blog about.
Today we are beginning our Lunar New Years celebrations at my school - complete with a mandu cooking class and some traditional Korean games for the kiddies (who will all be dressed in their cute little Hanboks - Korean traditional dress).
This weekend, we get the luxury of celebrating our second New Years in a month and enjoying 3-days off, so I am heading down to Ulsan. My mate Helen has agreed that I can crash at her new apartment. We will likely go for a night out in Busan, since's been a while and it will be nice to get a proper taste of my ol' stomping grounds again.
There should be plenty of photos, so stay tuned!!!

seh heh bok mani bat uh seyo!!! (Happy New Year!!)


At 11:56 p.m. , Anonymous Joanne said...

Hey Colleeney!!
Long time no hear! I know I have been very poor at keeping in touch.
quick update. I've finally starteda new job after five months almost doing feck all. i was nearly at the end of my tether!
my new work email is
Its the best way to contact me as I can't use my hotmail at work and I don't have a computer at home.
I had little to report to you anyway in the last couple of months as nothing really happened in my life! the only exciting thing I've done is take a trip home to Ireland to see Josh Ritter play in galway - awesome performer and I hope to see him again in may when he plays here in bristol.
Its been Great catching up with your blog and looking at pictures.
thinking of you!!


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