Friday, November 24, 2006

As I predicted, my time in India continues to get more and more interesting - well maybe that's an exaggeration... at least it is maintaining a consistent level.
I have been splitting my time over the last two days between 2 families: Natty's family, (whom I already told you about) and Pappu's family whom I met through Natty.
This second family is a lot better off then Natty's and just as wonderful.
They first invited me to their small stone house to drink chai and look at their photos (seems pretty typical here). Pappu is a rickshaw driver and his wife Mamta works at home. They have 3 children: 1 daughter and 2 boys - all of whom go to school and speak some English. The children don't work, like Natty's brothers and sisters and seem to lead a pretty regular life.
Mamta has taught me how to cook some Indian food and we enjoyed many long conversations comparing our ways of life. Mamta is only 25 years old, and Pappu is 27 (like me).
It has all given me such a good idea of Indian life and life in villages. I feel very lucky to have met these families.
Tomorrow I am off to Delhi for the weekend. I plan to see the Taj Mahal and spend some time visiting with my friend Silvia that I met during my Vippassana meditation program.
My flight home is Monday ...I can't believe it!
Will update you before again before I leave India.
Love me


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