Friday, November 03, 2006

Relaxing in Rajasthan

I arrived today in Bundi after a 30hour cross-country journey. Very tired, so this will be very short. The town is gorgeous...a lake, mountais and a huge fort/palace which apparently has over a 100 monkeys and 2 wild tigers that roam throughout its grounds...I have been warned about going there alone...hmm. It is in the south of Rajasthan, so not really desert...but that will come soon.
I am staying at a lovely guesthouse that my friend Conny recommended called Havali Parihar which is near the palace and offers great views from it's rooftop. The family is really sweet. The mother is busy running around after everyone. One of their sons has offered to help me with my Hindi while their daughter is already planning to take me to a market tomorrow. It is the closest thing to home that I think I will feel here.
Anyways, I will likely spend the next 2 or 3 days here before I go onto Udaipur.
Will keep you updated - off to get some food and sleep now.


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