Monday, November 06, 2006

I have had an exciting 2 days in Bundi!!
On my first night in Bundi, I was invited to join Sashi (one of the daughters in the guesthouse where I am staying) for dinner at her soon-to-be husband's family's house. I felt a bit funny since I had nothing nice to wear, and Sashi was wearing a beautiful sari ...but she assured me that I was fine wearing my not-so-stylish western clothes.
We arrived at the house and were given a delicious meal, which was followed up by far too many sweets (Indians love sweets). After dinner, the girls showed me the saris that have been selected for one of the other daughters wedding. They are apparently a part of her dowry.
The saris were like nothing I have ever seen before. Each of them were embroidered with gold and gems (maybe not all real - but still very stunning). It was really amazing to see a more intimate side of Indian culture.
The next morning I went shopping with Sashi for some bangels, dresses and shoes...mostly for her - but I also bought some glass bangels, Bindi stickers and had a dress made for me at a local tailor shop...very cheap! Then last night, the family invited me to attend a wedding party with them...once again, I was assured that I didn't have to dress up. As soon as we arrived, I was ushered up to the front of the stage (yep - there was a stage) to meet the bride and groom and of course pose for photos and video with the new couple.
After my photo was taken countless times, I was invited to join them for dinner. We ate off of large leaves while sitting on the floor (very traditional) while watching other guests dance in true Bollywood fashion to Hindi pop music. They did have a small selection of English music (that's if Aqua qualifies as 'music') which I had to gracfully decline to dance to (several times).
After the dinner, the family I came with told me it was time to go and we all piled into a small car for the 2 minute drive home (Indian's don't tend to walk too much).
This morning, I went with the Sashi's finace (his name is Chotu) to the town of Kota to find an ATM that would accept my card. This took all of 30 minutes. I thought we would be returning to Bundi rigth away, but intead Chotu took me to his aunt's house where I was treated to a large meal, much conversation and even had my palm read. Thanks again to Chotu and his lovely family for treating me like one of their own.
Tomorrow night I am catching a sleeper bus to the town of Udipur....which will likely be another adventure in itself. But first before I leave Bundi, I am going to walk up to the top of the palace and fort. Also, Chotu has invited me to go swimming at a waterfall with him it should be another action-packed stay tuned.
An are taking foreva...and I think I am just going to wait until I get back to Canada to load more you'll have to wait to see 'em (but only 20 more days).


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