Monday, October 23, 2006


I have had an amazing couple of days in this beautifully chaotic Hindu holy city.
The old city is a maze of tiny steets - each full of life and activity.
This weekend was a huge Hindu festival called Diwali. The streets were full of people and there have been almost non-stop fireworks every day and is still going on.
I have spent my days shopping and exploring along the ghats. My nights have been spent sipping chai on rooftop cafes and listening to local misucians play at nightly concerts.
It is all just so incredible.
Tomorrow I am off to visit some of the Buddhist pilgrimage sights north of the city and then off to Bodhgaya in a few days.
I have added a few more photos so you can get an idea of the city and atmosphere.
Enjoy and I will update again soon


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