Thursday, August 25, 2005

Korea or Bust

The time has come for my adventures to begin...yet again. I leave for Korea tomorrow afternoon (I can almost taste the soju now).
By "leaving tomorrow" I actually mean my flight is booked for tomorrow...Kelly you called this one...I will be dropping by the Korean Embassy on my way to the airport to hopefully pick up my passport and working visa...ughh, and then I will be leaving.
The family unit will be in tow, so I am sure it will be an emotional goodbye as ever.
Once in Korea, the plan is to meet my recruiter at the airport and then board a bus to Yongin.
Apparently it is a town of about 400,000 people...small by Korean standards...which leaves me questioning exatly how many foriegners there may be...hmmm.
But the pictures I have seen look lovely and I am looking forward to an Ulsan-alternative.

I promise to keep you posted and to keep in touch. Gotta run and finish packing.



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