Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ok, so my trip to Ulsan was good...not the big reunion I had hoped for, since many people were out of town again for the holiday, but still a worthwhile trip.
I stayed at my friend Helen's place, which is a lovely 2 bedroom apartment in Mugeo-dong (close to the university)...which meant I had a proper bed to sleep in and didn't have to spend three nights on her floor.
I arrived in Saturday morning at about 4am and met up with Helen and Nathan at Tombstone for a few drinks. Unfortunately, they had been there since 10pm and were in poor shape by the time I arrived. Needless to say they went home quite soon after my arrival, and I stayed for a few pints and got caught up with Jay and his brother Mark. (hey Kelly...Jay said you are working with his sister...small world).
Saturday we slept late and spent the afternoon relaxing at the sauna near Helen's place.
Then I met up with my friend Julie for a late lunch and a few beers.
After dinner we went down to Benchwarmers to meet up with Troy and a few others. Troy owns the bar, and has a funny tradition of getting me to gamble (well not just me...but lets just say he can always count on me to be apart of any game that involves betting money).
As it turns out, the game we played ended with me and my friend Julie contending for the championship...which was about 30,000won. Julie ended up winning the game, but agreed to buy everyone shots - since it was the most sportsman-like thing to do.
As it was a holiday, most of the bars were closing around 5am...early for Ulsan standards, so Julie and I decided to hit up a DVD room for some munchies and a movie.
Although to be honest, I fell asleep pretty early in the film, so I have little more then the photo below of Julie (she called it her porn shot) to prove I was there.
On Sunday, Helen, Nathan, Rachel, Peather (not sure of the spelling...he's Irish and let's just admit it..they have strange spellings...but it kind of sounds like Peter with a 'th') and I went to Busan. We strolled around Beomosa for a few hours and then went to grab something to eat.
Once again, most of the city was shut down, so we returned to Ulsan for the evening.
Got back into Yongin last night around 10:30 feeling extremely exhausted. My bus took about 6 hours - which wasn't too bad considering the traffic.
Now I'm broke and for the next couple of weeks plan to be as healthy as possible. Going to the gym tonight to try to sweat out the remnants of the weekend.
Enjoy the pics...also added a photo of me and my coworkers dressed in Hanboks last Thursday.

L-R: Whitney, Kate, Me, Bianca, Zac
Scully, Amanda, Helen, May, April

View of Beomosa

Helen and the Irish guy outside of Beomosa

Troy and me...I look really drunk, but to be fair it was about 4 in the morning



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