Sunday, January 07, 2007

I have finally finished unpacking and hung some photos and pictures on the walls.
My little apartment is clean (well much cleaner then it has been in a long time), and is beginning to feel more like a home and less like a college dorm room - however fond my memories are of dorm rooms.

I know I am trying to keep positive this New Year but as wonderful as my new apartment is...there are a few (somewhat) minor issues that I can't help but note:

* It's really small...well , it's more like tiny, especially when compared to Canadian standards. (Remedy: must work harder not to compare things)

* my crappy view from my kitchen window looks out onto the street in front of my building and I can't help but notice the ever-growing piles of garbage just below my window.
(Remedy: stop looking out the window or at the very least, don't look down)

*my fridge leaks...a lot.
(Remedy: ???)

*the hot water only works when it feels like it

*.....and ....I found ants (yep...ants).
I actually found some ants when I first moved in, but today found even more - like a New Years present...yeah!

Don't worry Mom....I will be speaking to my director on Monday about the hot water, fridge and ants.

The good's free and really close to work!!!
(that's all I can think of now for good points).

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