Sunday, May 27, 2007

Jebudo and other exciting things I saw this Saturday (note the sarcasm)

Here are some photos from my work trip on Saturday.
Well there was no digging for shellfish, and no actual tour as was suggested by the memo we received. Instead we spent hours walking along a dirty beach, stopping every few steps for group photos, riding on a bus for endless hours and then ended the day by visiting the worlds most boring soy bean farm...that's right soy beans!!
As boring as it was, the weather was great and it was nice to spend the day seeing some sights of Korea that I would not choose to see on my own (ahhh....the silver lining...I knew it was in there somewhere).
I have come down with a cold , so I have spent all day today in bed, despite the fact it was another beautiful sunny day. This week I hope to get into Seoul Tuesday or Thursday night to watch the first two games between Ottawa and Anaheim. My fingers remain crossed!!

Here is a photo of me on the boardwalk at Jebudo beach.

Some rocks at Jebudo

Some Korean woman picking greens for their dinner

Soybeans fermenting to make all sorts of yummy things. How interesting!!!
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