Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Solo for Valentines

Ok...so it’s back....Valentines Day - the day we ‘singletons’ dread throughout the year.

For those of you the least bit interested, I am still single (as if there really has been anything in-between) and as I write this sitting in my freshly cleaned apartment (yep...it was a fun few hours trying to get my mind off this Hallmark holiday), listening to some David Gray and feeling (only what I can best describe as) melancholy.

Not that I ever really bought the whole ‘if I travel, they will come’ scenario, but I think for a while there was some hope.

There were plenty of chances, but somehow it seems I missed the boat....the love boat that is, incase there was any confusion.

I have reached the time in my life when most of my close mates have somehow ‘paired up’, and although they are not perfect relationships (what is?) I am a tad jealous.

Everyone seems to remind me of how exciting my life is and that they wish they had the nerve to do whatever it is I am doing that seems so exciting. But I must admit, the majority of the time things are a little lonely here out in the big world.

Not that I would prefer to be back home (don’t mistake this for regret), just that I had someone to share this with.

It seems that even the dependable package of cinnamon hearts and a sappy card from my mother declined to appear on my door step this year. (Yep....pathetic when you are wishing on Valentine’s Day that your own mother had the foresight to send something...although to be fair, I did receive a lovely e-card...thanks Mom).

Ok...wallowing aside for now...

I am having a fabulous time here and enjoying new and old friendships (however platonic they may be) and the freedom of not having anyone to care about but myself. It really isn’t all bad. Hip-hip for independence.


Actually, this past weekend I retuned to Ulsan for an impromptu re-union with some mates I missed on my previous trip. Had another great weekend with a tad too much to drink...(see below photos).

Last week, my director asked me (casually) is I would stay on as head teacher for 2 more years. Although I wasn’t completely surprised, I need to do some serious thinking before I make any decisions....you know weigh out the pros and cons.

Money does have its way with words and I can admit I would be easily persuaded if the price was right. I will be sure to keep you up to date.

So, Happy Valentine’s day to you all.

Me looking a little intoxicated, but I figure the glasses give me that 'sexy librarian look'.

Julie...on our way home (yes...it was 10am)...I figure this could work for a Hite ad...Korea's favorite brand of beer!!


At 6:21 a.m. , Blogger michi said...

hello out there!
just wanted to say: valentine's day cards: nil. chocolate hearts: zero. any other kind of hearts: none. and i have been with the same man for over 14 years.

my students gave me a couple of pot plants because it was their last day with me. and a friend sent an e-card.

so you see you are not the only one. *S*

valentine's day is not THAT big an issue as it seems to be in the states, in canada and england, but getting bigger (becoming an industry like halloween has become lately).

things here are okay, though the relationship has been a little rough of late. :(

i enjoy reading about your adventures, do drop by my blog some time!

have fun! :)

xx michi


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