Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Safe and sound amid the chaos

Just an FYI for family and friends whom have been emailing me with their concerns for my safety....

I am fine -

I actually just heard about all the stuff that's been going on here in Thailand over the last few weeks (2 weeks on Ko Chang was pretty isolating - my last 4 days have been spent at a resort where there was only electricity for 4 hours / I was a bit out of touch with the rest of the world).

Anyways, in the last 3 weeks there have been over 20 bombings (maybe a lot more I'm not sure ) but all of them have been down in the far south - very VERY far away from me...also last night the tanks rolled into Bangkok and surrounded the main government offices and the palace. They have officially ousted the government in a military coup.
From what I have read (and it isn't that much) the government was pretty corrupt and this may be a way to bring peace...but I don't know.

But as I said, I am just finding out details today (as I was crossing to the mainland on the ferry this morning another Canadian told me the details) . I am now in a small city called Trat (about 6 hours east of Bangkok). The government has declared a state of emergency and today has been declared a national holiday so that the government and state can get some grip on what has just happened. So I am not going too far today.

But ...I need to get back to Bangkok tomorrow - my camera broke about a week ago (yep..NO more photos) and I need to try to get it fixed . I have been told the streets are safe in Bangkok. There are plenty of tourists and I will be staying in the popular tourist areas.
I have been told there has been no violence (as of this morning) but there is a huge protest organized for today that may change - BUT I will stay away from it all - so don't fret.

My flight to India is on Sunday...I have lots to do before then ...which is also why I need to get back to the city.

Before I forget....yes, yes ...Ko Chang was amazing...I spent the last few days in a beautiful area along the southern tip on the island...very very remote. It was amazing. I am very sad that my camera broke the day I arrived there - so I can't show you how beautiful it was. I guess if you had to try to imagine ...think of paradise ...and then triple it have the idea.

Anyways, I will definitely email and update my blog once more before I leave.

I love you


At 2:13 a.m. , Blogger michi said...

good to know you are safe. i thought of you yesterday evening.

enjoy your travels,

m x


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