Monday, June 04, 2007

Good Bye Roy

It isn't very often that I meet a student who really impresses me more with their imagination then their memorization skills, but Roy is one of a kind. He is so creative and witty. He is cool for a kid who is just over 5 years old and is one of my few students who always (and I mean always) makes an effort to speak in full sentences - even when I don't. Today his family moved into the city and it was his last day in my class...sniff sniff. We spent the day playing games, playing at the park and eating ice cream. Although I love each of my students (undeniably some more then others), Roy was a definite shoe in for favorite kid. I'm gonna miss him.

Roy looking happy as he draws his 'favorite months of the year'

Roy looking very serious with some snacks in hand

This photo was taken last month for children's day of Roy and me.
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