Saturday, June 16, 2007

Seodaemun Prison

Today I visited Seodaemun Prison in Seoul with Kathryn, Angie, Matt and Jenn. It was definately a somber event, but very educational. Seodaemun Prison Was erected in 1908 to house those who were captured by the Japanese in their fight to free Korea from Japan's oppression. There were many tributes, exhibits and photographs dipicting not only the struggle these people were flighting for, but also the suffering and torture they experienced within the walls of Seodaemun Prison. A very moving afternoon and definately one I won't soon forget.

The map of Seodaemun Prison, Seoul

Watch tower, Seodaemun Prison
View of the prison grounds and mountain in the distance, Seodaemun Prison
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At 5:05 p.m. , Blogger Michael said...

I remember visiting Seodaemun. It was a harrowing, dispiriting place, but definitely the kind of thing that everyone should see once in their lives.

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