Monday, June 11, 2007

Chungang Park

Just a few photos I wanted to add from my Sunday at the park. The weather is hot now and my apartment has been converted into a stinky sauna laugh, but I'm not joking. The smells of burnt oil and sea creatures from the fish restaurant that opened beside my window seem to be wafting into my apartment daily. Combined that with the increasing heat and humidity and you get my smelly sauna (formally known as Colleen's place). In an attempt to get some fresh air I hopped on a bus and found myself in a beautiful little park just 20 minutes away from my home. It was perfect...sitting under some trees (doing the half sun/half shade thing), reading a great book (bought in India and left on the shelf until now), watching the ducks and fountains and taking the occasional 5 minute nap was a great way to spend my sunny Sunday afternoon. Anyways, here's some photos for you to carouse through. Enjoy

What a nice place to relax

Chungang ParkMap
Fountains galore!! This was the biggest one!

It's a white duck with an orange beak!!! Just like in the story books!
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